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Cheaper Canai!

Cheaper CanaiThis must be among greatest news the nation has heard in 2008.

I guess you’ll know where to look for me when I’m back in 7 months time… if the price remains.


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WoW Singapore

Lich King

‘Singapore Recruiters Not Avoiding WoW Players’

Referring to an article posted weeks ago on how employers are instructed to avoid recruiting World of WarCraft players, a new article posted on Kotaku mentions that job recruiters in Singapore are not discriminating against such criteria.*Evil Grin*


While my days of farming, PVP-ing and raiding are long gone along with my lvl 55 Rogue and countless other ‘cannot make it above level 20’ characters, I remember investing hours, days and weeks in Azeroth. Not to mention that overnight session whereby Ryck brought his CPU over to my place!

Calling that an addiction wouldn’t have been too far off. But we had the time then, it was right after our Secondary 5 exams with nothing much to do. I can’t imagine spending that amount of time on WoW now, I’d probably not have time for anything else. With the new Expansion just released, I do hear the Lich King’s faint summons at times, summoning me to answer the Call to Arms once again.

My guess as to why recruiters in Singapore aren’t avoiding WoW players  is because they are oblivious to the enslaving clutches of the Lich King or that they themselves have fallen victims to it.



‘Okay la, not every WoW player is blindly addicted to it and WoW alone isn’t
harmful… if you are able to take it in moderation. You wouldn’t wanna
end up like some jobless, unshaved Chinese guy with dirty fingernails
shouting vulgarities all night at some Internet Cafe would you?’


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The Christmas Post

Christmas Card - orangefruits

Merry Christmas!

It’s a quiet one for me this year.

Back from a short trip around Switzerland with Him and we’ve been talking lots by the lake and on train rides. 

There’s much more to say but that will be for another day.

Let’s just do whatever we feel like today. I’m spending this Christmas with You.

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Lights Out

Night Sky - epichtekill

The power’s out… again. 

I’m sitting on the desk staring out the window, pondering… allowing my thoughts to take me places.

I’m loving the darkness and silence. For once the world seemed to have come to a halt, it felt like a scene from The Wind Up Bird Chronicles… 

Perhaps when it’s not snowing cows and sheeps I’d go for a walk. Just You and I. 

That’d be great.

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I Can’t Explain

Can't Explain

Lately, I just don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m lost within my own apprehensions on something that seems so simple, so straightforward to everyone else. It’s nothing new but I’d like to think that after all those lessons learnt I should know better.

What You’ve given me now is not what I desire, but I’m grateful nonetheless. You see past my fleeting emotions and know my innermost want; that is to have it Your way. I am a flawed person, no better than anyone else and yet You deem me precious, telling me of the great things I will achieve in Your name. You’ve placed within me a desire to be a blessing; although I’m not much of one right now, I hold this conviction true.

Before I even dare contemplate any further, I want You to be a part of this. You know how much this mean to me. Make me a blessing Daddy.

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Sense of Home

Sure I complain, I complain about the guy downstairs who smokes by his window and stinks up our house. I complain about the education system which puts as much pressure on parents as it does children. I complain about the 20 taxi drivers that pass me on a rainy day, even though I’m waving my hands like a mad woman and they just ignore me. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. I’m Singaporean, complaining is our national pastime.

– Sense of Home, Ep 4

This must be one of the more stirring things I’ve heard in awhile.

I miss home… and everything about it.


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