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Ending with a Bang

A number of posts back I was writing about the “Next Semester“… and now the semester’s coming to an end.

I’ve reached the final week of BA with 1 more report to go and a dissertation to complete in the next one and a half months. I’m excited that the semester’s coming to an end, but even more so, I’m excited that its going to end with a bang!

To say that this is my most eventful semester wouldn’t have been too far off. I’ve been getting away from the school way more than I ever did in previous semesters and stumbled upon several pleasant discoveries. As usual, there were the sleepless deadline weeks followed by drinking sessions. And out of oblivion came the infatuation, the disappointment and heartaches.

But thats all in the past… I’m thrilled to see the semester ending on a high note which would have not been possible without Jie. Never would I think of finding a best friend whom I could share my heart out to in Switzerland, whatmore a sister? I may not have found a partner, but knowing Jie in return is way more than I could ever hope for.

I talked about my grandma, the memories of flying home in First Year, of watching her go. I’ve NEVER been so blatantly open to anyone about this, fearing that all I get for pouring my heartfelt thoughts out would only result in patronizing replies or sympathetic faces… but Jie understood. Jie’s acceptance for who I am has been such an encouragement allowing me to truly be me and acting the way I would in front of my closest family members.


Jie’s graduating next Saturday, and I’m hoping You would EXCEED her expectations…

I’ll be leaving the school by the end of the week and moving to my new home for the remaining days in Swiss. I’m looking forward to sipping afternoon tea with Sam and the Queen on the 11th and finally returning for good on the 15th a month later.

This season’s ending with a bang and I can’t wait for the next to begin – in Singapore.


Jie wondered how we’d be like when we both grow up…

while I can’t predict the future,  I know she will always be my Jie.


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Dried Strawberries

Went to the Flon Market in Lausanne with Jie yesterday.

I’m not a fan of European markets cause  I always get the perception its pretty much the same as a ‘pasar malam’ back home, only cleaner and minus the good food. Neither am I a fan of dried nuts and fruits, thinking its bird food. 

The Flon market wasn’t exceptional but it was a pretty fun outing with Jie. 

Flon Market

First off, we met this pretty cool Swiss-Algerian uncle who worked with a multinational US corporation and currently lives with his wife in Geneva on the train. Jie actually recited her French oral script in front of him and the uncle was nice enough to listen and provide feedback… which was  unsurprisingly positive. (Jie’s a top student after all)

Then, there was this street performer spreading smiles all around by making some really cool balloon animals for the little ones and singing songs of peace, love and hope… I think. 

Animal Balloon

Street Performer

And of course, there’s the dried strawberries which I am now completely addicted to.

Dried Strawberries

Again, I’m reminded that its the simple things, the simple encounters that makes life great. Its 3 weeks till the end of the semester and another 2 months till I’m back, and I’m convinced of much better days to come.  (=

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Love Thy Neighbour

I love Singapore. There’s no surprise about that. My plan after graduation would be to ‘settle down’ (get a job, get a place) in Singapore and apply for Permanent Residency. 

This seemingly sudden passion towards Singapore has in fact been growing over the last 3 years. Yes, the mobtv shows, the food, the relatives, the blogs, the mrbrown, the nation and its history are contributing factors fueling this passion.

But above all that it is my church (New Creation Church) and the awesome Singaporeans Daddy God has blessed me with that makes me want to call Singapore – Home.

I’ve written about how Daddy God has brought me to New Creation Church which has changed me from a “Religious Zealot” and a “God Hater” into the “Boy Whom God Loves” today. 

I’ve written about how Daddy God has used Eugene and Stephen to bless me tremendously. 

I’ve written about how JZ has been my source of encouragement and edification throughout the past 3 years…

and now I’m about to write about how Daddy God has blessed me with the awesomest Jie (older sis) in the world. 

I’ve only known my Jie weeks ago, towards the end of the semester, but the timing couldn’t have been any better. Jie has been such an encouragment and support particularly with that problem and she just brightens up my day 😀

The chit-chatting and Jie’s company certainly helped a lot and I found myself sharing and talking about stuff I never thought possible sharing to a friend in Switzerland. In fact Jie’s way more than a friend now; she’s really an older sister to me, someone whom just as my family, deserves my fullest care and attention. Jie’s been such a great sis that I could only hope to be as great a blessing as she is to me. 

Thanks Jie, can’t wait to try that infamous Flaming Lambo of yours in Singapore (:


Spring Ball – Nicholas. Jie. Me. 

(Disclaimer: Jie’s about the same height as I am, she’s not that short and i’m not that tall)


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Needing You

Daddy God,

The world needs you now more than ever.

The financial crisis, the swine flu are the devil’s evil schemes waiting to be backfired. The devil doesn’t know the Darker the world gets, the brighter we’ll Shine.

The world’s gonna see the need for a Saviour…

and You’re gonna be there.

Saving. Redeeming. Loving. Healing. Restoring. Prospering…

Love you Dad.



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