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Underestimating God

I am tremendously blessed to be at the right place (Singapore) at the right time (25/07/09) for theZone 09 youth conference.

The combination of Hillsong United, Pastor Judah Smith and New Creation Church are all headline worthy by their own rights but the message was clear throughout – Jesus was the headline.

Joel Houston shared about serving, being the hands and feet of God… tearing down the walls, reaching out to the needy. Pastor Judah shared about our righteousness in Christ, that by His blood we are righteous, leaving nothing to stop us from achieving our dreams… allowing us the effectively be the hands and feet of God.

Christ was indeed exalted and magnified throughout the conference leaving me to realize how often I underestimate God. Just because I put God in a box by limiting His presence in certain areas of my life or perceiving God based on my limited comprehension of Him does not make Him any smaller. God is still God, a loving Father who is out to bless me left, right, center… to supersede my heartfelt dreams and desires while still being able to use of my inadequacies to bless others.

It would be limiting to say that the conference impacted me in any particular areas of my life, because I know God is working in bigger, better ways than I could even imagine. I… We, the church will never be the same again!


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I realized problems follow you into new seasons.

Problems wont let go of you, you let go of them… and believe

I’ve been in Singapore for over a week and its been awesome. I attended GenRev service for the very first time and attended what I believe to be one of the BEST services of the year preached by Ps. Mark. I met JianZhong in person and was attached to a very interesting care group ;). Spent quality time with my aunt and uncle plus meeting up with Stephen.

I’m finally where I want to be – among friends, among brothers and sisters in Him.

But truth be told, its not Happily Ever After. If anything, old nightmares seem to be recurring along with new worries. The storms are rising, the giants reappearing. Yet, in the midst of storms and giants there’s Jesus more apparent everytime He’s preached in service, everytime He’s exalted in worship, everytime I’m reminded of His faithfulness in fellowship.


I’ll not falter before the storms and the giants cause I know I’m not alone. You’re here with me, with them. I’m in good company and I’m where I want to be.


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Worried No More

5 centimeters per second

” …how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways.”

– Makoto Shinkai, 5 centimeters per second

I am was worried that somehow we would drift apart, into our separate ways. The past months were better than awesome because of you, but its no longer May and we’re no longer in Switzerland.

I know my worries are unfounded and even selfish, but I am scared because I know there’s only ONE of you. You’ve given me reassurance that things will remain no matter what, but still I worry cause we change, circumstances change.

Then, I’m reminded of how ‘people start together’. The odds, the chances, the probability of us coming to know each other and getting along as we did is beyond all these petty worries. Call it fate, coincidence, karma or whatever, but I know its much more than just chance –  it’s Him.

If He could bring people together against all odds, I’m counting on Him to keep us together against all odds.

I spent my first day being 21 in Singapore, and I’m happy you were part of it.

I’m worried no more, cause I know great days are coming. I’m sure of it.

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