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We’re not what we’ve seen.

For those doubts that swirl all around us,
For those lives that tear at the seams,
We know,
We’re not what we’ve seen.

Marchin On, OneRepublic

We’re not what we’ve seen, we’re not who we were.

We’re a new creation in Him.


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The Pre-Camp post

It’s Sunday. Marked Camp 09 is tomorrow and I feel that everything comes down to this. It feels as if I’ve been waiting my entire life for this camp. Thisis how excited and expectant I am for camp.

I keep hearing how amazing the previous church camps were and how lives were transformed, people delivered, healing manifested and breakthroughs received. I am hoping for all of the above miracles. Life has been really blessed but it hasn’t been smooth flowing – thats not the problem. The problem comes when I let these storms creep into my heart and truth be told, the heart’s been pretty troubled. Every time a storm subsides, another comes. Even as I write this, the heart feels like its torn into two; half of it filled with excitement and hope while the other anxiety and worries. Once again, I’m looking at Marked Camp 09 to be the defining factor. I need miracles.

Could camp really bring forth miracles?

No, it can’t. Simply because camps, workshops and seminars only bring about temporary change… but Jesus saves.

What I need now isn’t a set of principles or a coach, it’s too late for that. I need a Saviour and He’s going to be more real than ever in Marked Camp 09. While camp itself doesn’t bring miracles, the fellowship, the worship, the sermons with Jesus as the focus, at the center, will.

So when I say everything comes down to camp, camp is the defining factor, or I’ve been waiting my whole life for camp, really what my heart cries out is this “Everything comes down to Jesus“, “Jesus us the defining factor” and “I’ve been waiting my whole life to see Jesus bigger and exalted”.

This, is my pre-camp post.

I go to camp wanting to see miracles but I want to come back from camp seeing Jesus.

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