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Who would’ve known?

A year ago attending New Creation Church would have been my dream come true.

Who would’ve known that today, the dream came true… exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think. It’s Easter today and I had the privilege to serve alongside some of the most blessed people for the church’s Easter Musical. Never have I thought that carrying a few pieces of styrofoam props and running in the dark would be such an awesome, humbling experience.

It was tiring, it was long, it was tedious, it was frustrating, it was amazing.

I’ve met a programme director whom despite being the busiest person in the stadium, took her time to share with us pastor’s heart for the musical and to show each and everyone of us her heartfelt appreciation for serving.

I’ve met team leaders that guided our every step ever so patiently, availing themselves even to the smallest of tasks and doing it with a smile.

I’ve met brothers and sisters who are so readily and willingly to lend a helping hand, going beyond their responsibilities for a brother or sister in need.

I’ve met volunteers who availed themselves to serve  despite the last minute arrangements and served faithfully out of a heart of abundance.

I’ve met anointed actors, musicians and artists who rehearsed long hours for that spotlight but chose to shine it on Jesus instead.


It was 3 styrofoam ‘walls’ and 3 days of amazing fellowship that showed me that serving is not so much the task, but the heart. The roles are plenty, but the hearts are one – for Jesus.

As much as I am grateful for the praise and worship, touched by the musical; so am I grateful for the placement of styrofoam walls and touched by the hearts of those who place them. Really. Roles and positions didn’t matter anymore, I was just grateful for that leader, that brother, that volunteer, that musician for doing whatever they were doing faithfully.

I believe thats how Jesus saw each and everyone of us. He couldn’t care less if we were singing, acting or simply waiting, He smiled seeing a congregation of people gathered in His name, to praise His name.

Who would’ve known that the first evangelist would have been a woman, Mary?

Who would’ve known that Jesus’ first words to His disciples would not be those of condemnation but peace?

Who would’ve known that one day all the earth will worship before You?

Who would’ve known that we would gather today as various roles with hearts as one to honor You?

Who would’ve known that the God of Creation would send His only son to die for us and raise Him up to bless us?

You knew…

thats why You came.

Happy Easter


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