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The Greatest Act

I have forgotten how to blog.

I have been writing my prayers and musings on paper for the past months, preferring to keep it between myself and Him. But this I want to shout out loud, I want the world to know because I am no longer afraid or sorry to say that I truly love acting and narrating!

For the longest time I have enjoyed acting without even knowing it. As a kid I would reenact scenes from my favourite cartoons, games, anything cool that I saw on tv. I favoured imaginative battlegrounds and weapons to physical toys and I found myself living in the shoes of Jim Raynor and the likes. (Blizzard games were a HUGE part of my childhood)

And boy do I feel blessed to be serving in none other than Spark Plays, the Zone’s drama ministry. While I may not be part of many skits or plays, every time before I go on stage, I am reminded by Him that I am His beloved actor and the reason I’m on stage is simply because He loves seeing His child perform – for Him. It’s not about the recognition or the thrill of being on stage but simply to be able to do something I love so much and knowing that it’s my awesome Dad who has given me the Desire to act and the Platform to fulfill it.

I was afraid to say that I love acting simply because I felt that I was not good enough. But knowing that both giftings and the opportunity to use them comes from Him, why wallow in self pity when the best actor/narrator/playwright in history is my Dad.

I’m not the best actor, but I know I’m His beloved actor. Time and time again I’ve heard Him say ‘I want you to act because I love seeing you act.’ It has nothing to do with acting skills but everything to do with the truth that I’m His beloved kid. Looking at the new One-North auditorium, it would be such an honor, overwhelming in fact to be given the opportunity to perform. But really, One-North is simply God’s building and who better to perform there than God’s very own beloved children? There is no stage, no platform too large for us because even the largest of platforms belong to God.

I love to act, I love to narrate and I’m proud of it.

Even if the world says I’m not good at it, it doesn’t change a thing. Even if I’m told I’ll never be good at it, I’ll still keep acting.


I’m His beloved actor and the greatest act of love was performed by my Father.


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