Jonathan is…

After much thought and wasted time on attempting to write an ‘about me’, I realized there’s nothing much to write about me without Him.

I have many preferences and personality traits that makes me ‘Me’ as you will find out from my posts, but thats not who I am, its merely the surface. What lies beneath the ever changing surface is so much more substantial, grounded in the very heart of the Creator. 

I may be a different person to different people. I am son, I am a brother, I am a friend, I am a nephew, I am a grandson, and the list goes on… Still, at the end of it all, when all else fades, I am the beloved child of God – The boy whom Christ redeemed.


At times I’m also a Cantonese speaking Samurai who wishes to work and learn Kendo in Japan while attending church every Sunday in Singapore.

Be blessed



3 responses to “Jonathan is…

  1. jonwwy

    hey KP, it’s been quite awhile!

    yea, you’re the first and perhaps the only 😛

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