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Dried Strawberries

Went to the Flon Market in Lausanne with Jie yesterday.

I’m not a fan of European markets cause  I always get the perception its pretty much the same as a ‘pasar malam’ back home, only cleaner and minus the good food. Neither am I a fan of dried nuts and fruits, thinking its bird food. 

The Flon market wasn’t exceptional but it was a pretty fun outing with Jie. 

Flon Market

First off, we met this pretty cool Swiss-Algerian uncle who worked with a multinational US corporation and currently lives with his wife in Geneva on the train. Jie actually recited her French oral script in front of him and the uncle was nice enough to listen and provide feedback… which was  unsurprisingly positive. (Jie’s a top student after all)

Then, there was this street performer spreading smiles all around by making some really cool balloon animals for the little ones and singing songs of peace, love and hope… I think. 

Animal Balloon

Street Performer

And of course, there’s the dried strawberries which I am now completely addicted to.

Dried Strawberries

Again, I’m reminded that its the simple things, the simple encounters that makes life great. Its 3 weeks till the end of the semester and another 2 months till I’m back, and I’m convinced of much better days to come.  (=


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The Next Semester

The next semester starts tomorrow, cant wait!

Induction Week

Its 164 days and counting to ‘Makanfest’ – my unofficial makan trip, eating whatever I find, wherever I am. 

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying my new, larger room complete with (hopeless) Wi-fi and telephone all by myself for the past 5 days. I love the solitude. The roommate isn’t here yet and I’m wishing for a ghost as a roommate. At least it’s not gonna bother me. 

Anyway some shots of The Room:

Room Window


The Balcony:


Balcony 2

The View:

View 1

View 2

Thanks mom & dad for the upgrade that didn’t come cheap and thank Daddy God for the unusually large room (its a corner room). 

Your goodness, your mercies shall follow me all my B.A. days and beyond! 


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Is Botak Jones Really Botak?

With my sis’ recent trip to Singapore, I’m reminded once again of that awesome week in Feb. Apart from Church, Botak Jones was among the highlights of the trip! Not that it was the best meal ever or the fullest meal I’ve ever had, I just really like this whole ‘Damn Good Food at a Damn Good Price’ concept thingy and the huge portions served. It’s almost like a challenge from the Botak himself to finish it, inducing the kiasu-ness within…  not to mention that sense of achievement when you finish everything on your plate and more!

I miss Botak Jones so much so that I downloaded a Botak Jones’ menu in PDF from the site and read the entire thing at 3am in the morning! (yes I am damn wu liao) Funny how I learnt so much more from that menu than my F&B modules in First Year. Did you know that a Steer is actually a castrated bull? I sure didn’t. Anyway, for my next visit to Botak Jones’ I’m gonna be having the ‘U-Crazy-What?!’ burger. I’m an aficionado of huge burgers and I’ve come across quite a few of them in Switzerland, the largest so far being Yeti Bar’s Abominable Burger which sends Triple Whoppers everywhere running in fear and compels the Big Mac to rename itself as the Mac Mini. (btw, why no new Mac mini during this Macworld ar?)

I miss Singapore. Can’t wait to be back, and back for good.

You have that dream job waiting for me don’t you Abba?


A totally random thought, I wouldn’t mind ‘gaining experience’ at Botak Jones for awhile… after all I offer ‘Damn Good Service at a Damn Good Price’ too. Don’t believe? Ask my previous employer at Shangri-la. At SGD83 per month working 5 days a week, 8 hours per day I’m pretty value for money too.

Botak Love

”Remember, Botak Jones is about bringing good quality food and service to the heartlands and beyond at ”Damn Good Prices”, not cheap food at cheap prices.”

(It makes a point doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure I could write something similar somewhere in my CV)

Visit the Botak @

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Makan @ Bedok

I’ve been obsessively reading food reviews from, a blog on Singapore’s best hawker food and realized that Bedok (with 27 entries under the Bedok category and a number of posts under ‘The Really Must Try List’) seems to be home to some of Singapore’s best hawker food. Man, what have I been missing during my 1 week stay Bedok North Street 3 back in February!

I remember walking past the many hawker stalls at the MRT/bus interchange but never stopped for a meal. That’s not to say I never ate at Bedok. I’ve had a few meals at the mamak stall opposite my uncle’s apartment and supper once at a hawker center few blocks away, which I regrettably ate awfully little cause I think I wasted my precious stomach real estate over Pizza Hut or some other junk. I would say my most memorable makan experience at Bedok would have to be lunch at Botak Jones. It’s hard not to be excited over large portions of food at a reasonably cheap price, and hey you could ask for larger portion of fries for no extra charge! Disregarding my uncle’s advice, Kin Wai and I ordered the LARGE fish & which was indeed, large. Kin Wai gave up halfway while memories of the cold hungry nights in Switzerland had me determined to clear my plate.

Fish & Chips




Kin Wai & his unfinished Fish. (Notice the smug look on moi)

How I miss Bedok… the food, the old uncle who sells tissue paper at the MRT escalator, the walks at the playground below my uncle’s place and of course my Mac loving, recently promoted uncle.

Abba, I’m so looking forward to the makan trip, the employment, the cup of Starbucks coffee at Suntec, the fellowship, the worship, the service… You make my dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Cynthia, have fun driving around in your brand new Vios.


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